Verizon Ticket Procedure
CUSTOMER CARE: 800-427-1405 OPT 111

The following would require a Verizon Ticket to be opened:

  1. If a link is down or if a link goes down and comes up (flaps) 4 or more times in a week.
  2. If a link is down for 5 minutes or longer

Tickets are opened Online at (Should have this as a Favorite for easy access):$SM$HTTPS%3a%2f%2fenterprisecenter%2everizon%2ecom%2fenterprisesolutions%2fglobal%2fgHome%2edo

To open the ticket:
  1. Click the “Create Repair Ticket” under Quick Function
  2. Circuit ID will be in the header of the NOC email notification (i.e. …FT Rossmoor W0H27485…)
  3. Service Verification:
    1. Company Name: First Team Real Estate
    2. Service Street Address: Physical Address of location (i.e. Rossmoor’s physical address)
    3. Previous Ticket: put in information if we have had a recent ticket (last 30 days)
    4. Contact Information
      1. Primary Contact: Support Desk information
      2. Service and Access Information:
        1. Location A Access Information:
i. Site Access Information: Business Hours (9:00-5:00)
ii. Release for intrusive testing: Yes, at these times 10:00 p.m. Pacific SA Standard Time
iii. Have you verified power: Yes, Verified on site
  1. Location Z Access Information: Not applicable
  2. Issue Details:
    1. Issue Details: Use the drop down menu MOST OF OUR TICKETS: Bouncing
    2. Issue Description: how many times this week/month, etc.
    3. Questions:
      1. Do you authorize a dispatch…Yes, anytime
      2. Has any work been done at the “Circuit Location recently”: Yes, (if they ever ask, replaced equipment)
      3. Was this service ever turned up? Yes
      4. Is it intermittent? Yes, if bouncing. No if down.

After ticket is opened:
  1. Verizon will send an email with ticket information and will send updates
    1. Forward any email from Verizon to: Steve Roghair, Jim Loges, Marla Ferguson and Support
    2. Move the Verizon ticket email from Inbox to “Verizon Tickets” Folder
    3. Monitor ticket and if necessary, go to Live Chat to discuss with Verizon tech.
      1. If any Live Chat is engaged, cut and paste into email and send to same individuals as above.
      2. Move the Verizon ticket email from Inbox to “Verizon Tickets” Folder

Email Notifications
(NOC Alerts & Verizon)

For NOC Alerts (whether flapping or down office), First Team Support will NOT open a Tops Ticket, but we will track Verizon issues through email.

Emails should be moved as follows:
  1. NOC Alerts should be moved from the First Team Support Inbox to the folder labeled “NOC ALERTS!
    1. NOC ALERTS! Folder should be sorted by Subject so that you can easily sort a location and see how often there have been problems at that location.
  2. Verizon email should be moved to “Verizon Tickets” Folder.
    1. Verizon Tickets Folder should be sorted by Subject so that you can easily monitor individual tickets.

It is the responsibility of all Phone Support Technicians to monitor and move emails accordingly, however the primary technician is the morning technician as steps should be taken every morning. If an email is received during the day then any technician should follow up IMMEDIATELY. ALL NOC AND VERIZON EMAILS ARE CONSIDERED TOP PRIORITY.

Morning work:

  1. When cleaning out email in the morning, move NOC Alerts and Verizon Tickets to appropriate folders.
  2. NOC ALERTS! Folder:
    1. Check newest alerts to check instability. Any location that needs a ticket opened you are to process immediately.
  3. Verizon Tickets Folder:
    1. Check newest email from Verizon
i. Read the email and if there is any follow up required on our part email appropriate parties: Steve, Jim, Marla and Support.
ii. If additional comments or questions to Verizon, open Live Chat (found by clicking link in Verizon email)
iii. Copy Live Chat and put into email and forward to appropriate parties: Steve, Jim, Marla and Support
    1. If the last email from Verizon is over 24 hours, check status of ticket.
    2. Once Ticket is closed, move entire group of emails for that ticket to Closed folder

The next step (and this is how it will always work) is to call on this trouble location and escalate the ticket. Otherwise Verizon will close it every day and we will have to open it again every day.
On locations like this, after 2 or 3 issues, we now call Verizon and ESCALATE 800-270-3300.
This is the dedicated number for large clients like us, and you will give our company and info and give them the ticket number and info.
We will then be assigned a dedicated person for this chronic incident and they will help us going forward.
Kay informed me that the valid 888 Escalation numbers are available 24 hours a day, and a person would not be assigned because several different teams will be monitoring the ticket status during that time. To assign a person during that time would prevent the different teams from covering the monitoring. However, if we have questions about this ticket and the status, we can call the first level of escalation for the ticket to get status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Those numbers again are as follows:

Escalation Level Toll Free Number DID Number
First 888-212-0139 919-378-6390
Second 888-212-2136 919-378-6309
Third 888-212-2310 919-378-6270
Fourth 866-622-7182 919-378-5400
Fifth 866-622-7536 919-378-5401